Nicholas grew up in an Eichler and still lives in one. He knows Eichlers in and out. Nicholas has become the area's trusted source for any Eichler related advice. If you need any help with your Eichler home, trust an Eichler expert. 

My belief is that Eichlers are a direction, not an end point. I have studied extensively the work of the Eichler architects: Anshen and Allen, A. Quincy Jones, Claude Oakland, along with work by their peers: Felix Koenig, Bill Krisel, Beverly David Thorne. Having done that, I believe that I understand what they were aiming at, and often falling short of in the work, due to the limitations of the economics, available materials and technologies of the ‘50s and ‘60s. So I attempt in my designs to be true to what I perceive as the spirit of those visionary designers.

Which brings me to updated Eichlers. Because I believe that those men, given the money, materials and technologies available today, would have built homes closer to what our remodels are producing. At the same time, because I’m building homes one at a time for specific clients, rather than 500 at a time for average homebuyers, my results are highly individual. But, they still carry the Eichler or Krisel intent of enhancing family life through intelligent architecture.